Home skillz

I have been meaning to share with you my super proud moment.

For the past 2 years, I have been reading every diy home blog I come across. Including ikea hackers,Apartment Therapy, liveloveDIY.. and countless others that I am just too lazy to hyperlink.

Before I realized how expensive power tools were are, how I still don’t have a yard (or a garage), and how I may not yet be at expert level of any of these carpentry skills, I had thought I wanted to make a farmhouse coffee table all by myself a la Ana White style! Luckily, the world is full of semi-DIY-ers much like myself and Ikea Hackers came to the rescue. 🙂

What you see here is some dumb old ikea table (that was a hand me down from a Residency friend), that used to be our coffee table for ages, and I finally got around to Home Depot who cut some wood for me (pine?.. who knows.. whatever was not the expensive grade and looked okay). I found some old primer-stainer left by the old apartment tenants. I found an old Tb mask, and I felt pretty excited to be sanding and staining like the best of them.

The result is this baby! Definitely not something worthy of any prize except a mother’s love. 🙂 We both really like this new addition, even if I didn’t really make a larger coffee table, even though the color is too matchy matchy with our flooring, even though the sides didn’t take as well as the rest of the board, there may potentially be some holes. AHH!! So proud!



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