Homemade pasta

We miss Italy and our 3 month vacation. We had some delicious fresh trofie pasta in Cinque Terre, tried to recreate the flavor in Florence with endless days of pesto pasta, and ended with the best cacio e pepe in Rome.

So after my bread and pizza making expeditions, of course I also ventured into pasta (perhaps the easiest of the three). Which is essentially flour, egg and some good ol’ resting time. So simple!!

Hubs rolling out the dough. Thicker arms, thinner dough. 🙂


Looking  more noodle-y. Lack of pasta machine equals different widths.


Yum! Awaiting the pot.


Cacio e Pepe


Voila! Our simple yet tasty dinner.

And there you have it! Pasta making seems to be more forgiving … ie it appears you can leave the dough to rest any amount of time and it will still be okay, which means this may be in our weekly repertoire. And next time, with my beautiful basil plant (didn’t kill it this time around!), which has already yielded pesto and so much mozzarella-tomato-basil meals!



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