Reasons why I have not embraced Texas life

I’m not a noob, I’ve lived in Texas most of my childhood (age 3 til 18) and now I’ve moved back (brain fart?) and want to make sure anyone contemplating the move think LONG and HARD about whether this is worth it. I moved back for family and thought I missed this state. I don’t think I miss it as much as I thought.

    1. Texas is a mosquito infested hotbed.
      I get hives from these motherfuckers and growing up in the suburbs I oft remember the drone of trucks spraying tons of pesticide to kill these suckers. The article also says Texas has the most cases of West Nile Virus, and that’s because we’re just barely scratching the surface of Zika. UGH. I left the northeast beauty of chilling in the evening grass and seeing little kids catch lightning bugs to never leaving my apartment and still being bitten by mosquitos.
    2. Giant ass cockroaches. This is what made me write this post. I can’t even post an image up here I’m so grossed out. I wake up after my evening nap (don’t judge) to brush my teeth and get ready for bed and there’s literally a 2-3 inch cockroach scuttling to a darker corner of my bathroom since I turned the light on. I can’t even. They move fast. They are huge. And they fucking fly. It is the stuff of nightmares that they can fly so close to your face.
    3. The heat and humidity is the stuff of nightmares. Remember, when you are looking at your friend’s FB and instagram of a cold beer on the river or hanging out at a beach, you forget that it oftentimes hits triple digits, you are in a concrete wasteland in Houston and your car is burning up after your short 5 minute trip to Target. And in my short walk across the parking lot where my skin is singing from the heat, I start questioning myself over and over again why I signed up for this torture.
    4. Cheap cost of living is not entirely true. Oh, you want to live in the city (instead of taking an hour commute each way to work, with terrible traffic and daily pile-ups on the interstate), then West University prices are close to $1 mil for a house with no backyard, your property taxes will be at least $10k, and don’t you forget that it FLOODS in this part of town. Or you can live in the suburbs and find alligators walking down your street (or shopping mall)..  I guess little Billy can’t really play in the driveway unless he wants to get West Nile, or heat stroke, or get eaten by an alligator.
    5. I am so embarrassed by so many of our representatives.
      Ted Cruz, crazy tea party who has done so many things to embarrass himself? And he thinks reading Dr. Seuss to his kids was a good use of tax-payer money and time in the debate on the ACA? (article states technically not a filibuster, but either way, wtf).
      Gov. Greg Abbott – stop wasting our time too. A special session to ram down our throats your unliked transgender bathroom bill despite it already being killed once? Oh, and guess what.. since lawmakers have been fighting over less important things, this special session is also needed or else Texas may not have licensed doctors after September because they haven’t reauthorized the Texas Medical Board. Good job.
      And John Cornyn thinks he’s invincible being so old and entrenched, but you can’t forever live in your voodoo world where you think getting big business oil money means you are looking out for your other fellow Houstonians when you vote against climate change (refer to above reasons, apocalyptic signs), when you don’t want to expand background checks for gun buyers, when you don’t want healthcare to help people who are not elite.
      Don’t get me started on our other issues that drive me crazy, off the top of my head.. Lt Gov Dan Patrick, TX recently passed an even tougher abortion law that has been banned in other states, ugh. can’t even think about this.
      This is why we are very keen to exercise our right to vote here.

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