Wowza.. hospital bills

Rarely on the patient side, I never really thought too much about my hospital bills. I was in my 20s, young, healthy, and rarely saw the doctor. I was one of those bad at taking antibiotics for infections. I couldn’t make time to go get my routine pap smear.

Now that I’m pregnant, I think about how blessed I am to have good health insurance.

My first visit, I was waiting in the doctor’s office for 1-2 hours, our “visit” lasted maybe 5 minutes. I had a <10 minute ultrasound in order to assess my pregnancy.

And now that I’m writing this blog, I’m looking back on my insurance bills and also thinking, what is this “X-ray” that I was being billed. Why are there multiple bills for the same visit day for Quest Diagnostics and it just “Routine lab services.” How am I supposed to make sense of all of this.

Total amount billed by Quest Diagnostics: $2,441.92. Total amount paid by insurance $1,051.35 (why there is such a huge difference, that’s a whole other can of worms). Then there is another bill by Quest for the same day? Then service charge by MD $599 but insurance only paid $200.34, with a $30 copay for me. So many questions. Why is my lab really that much more expensive? It’s kind of absurd.

And an anatomy scan, which took about an hour, with a tech who actually was there the entire time and looking at everything was billed $745 (insurance paid $475.02). I thought this was the most intense, and if I had to rank it, probably would have ranked this way above bloodwork. I didn’t realize how absurd this entire industry is.

My head hurts and I can’t think about this anymore. And luckily, I have the insurance to stop thinking about it. But I’m guilty of not being more proactive in saying this has to change because it is so ridiculous. :\


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