Christmas in Houston

Clam’s family is very into the Spirit of Christmas, including live trees, wreaths, stockings, and gifts. So each year, we do a little bit more. It started with a tree. Then stockings. And this year I even made a pretty darn’ good looking wreath with our leftover branches. I may end up like *those* people. With reindeer lights and giant snow-men in the front yard. But for now, here’s what we got..

photogrid_1481490540476Our tree for the last three years has always been topped by the puffin that’s been with us since Iceland. Good memories. He’s been a trooper through all of this.



It’s 11 at night but I’m awake and Clam is asleep. Crazy, as usually it’s the other way around. Outside, water is dripping from a lonely pipe or two. Car tires slide through dark wet asphalt intermittently. It’s almost like moving to the suburbs. Law and Order showed a scene of a NYC park… God I miss New York and I think the freedom to get to places without a car. Adjusting here is still hard. 

I bought myself tulips to brighten my life. I think it worked.

A little bit of Houston in the air

Our two family Thanksgiving feasts were too delicious. Food was quickly inhaled that I forgot to take pictures of the full display. 

We have one of Clam stirring his delicious stuffing for all to savor later.

Close-up of stuffing

My only contribution – ratatouille

Given our gluttony, we went to several parks.

Memorial Park

Bayou Bend Park

Cloudy city sunset

Love from Texas, 

Home Art


Woke up this morning, the Sunday prior to my birthday, to paint with my wife. Her’s is the bright autumnal side, mine the blustery wintery side. They will soon adorn our bedroom walls.

It’s a tragedy more images of Paris and Italy and Spain did not adorn the web, but computing on vacation takes  a discipline we lack. But settling into a new life with new art should suffice.

We continue our church shopping, or as the minister today stated, period of discernment. It was a Unitarian Universalist service today. Not heavy on homely but rather service of remembrance for the Dia de los Muertos.

Tonight is my birthday dinner. It’s a surprise.

July 6-7

July 6

Started in the morning with a march by Buckingham amidst a sea of red with a stop by Harrod’s afterward for Scallop.

Tea Time!


Across from the Queen, we enjoyed tea time for 2. Look closely, and you can see the vents on my shirt.


David’s creeping up on her.

At the Victoria and Albert Museum, we saw a taste of things to come.

It was by Swan Lake that we visited Kensington Palace.

July 7



Channeling her inner sloth after a tour of the British Library where photos are not allowed. In all fairness, we went to a sloth cafe to bring about this change in Scallop.


Elgin’s Marbles

The British Museum was full of the plunder of ancient societies.


Good literature is timeless

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a Bard was born.