Weekends off

Abstracts are sent in, resumes sent and awaiting responses, and inpatient work not for another two weeks, which leads to this amazing lull of a pretty laid back weekend.

This fall in NYC was so mild compared to the last winter (although we missed the Great Boston Blizzard of 2015!). It’s December and there’s still some golden leaves abounding.

Unfiltered views of trees in Central Park on Thanksgiving Day and yesterday during my run. The air is crisp, chilled but not bitter. And each time I turn into Central Park, I know going back to Houston, I will dearly miss fall in the Northeast.

I’m also super giddy that I hosted Fellows Orphan Thanksgiving this year. And I really like this photo that I took, blurry, without anyone looking in the camera, but we had too much good times to remember to actually pose.


And bountiful amounts of food… with good friends, which really is what Thanksgiving Day is about, according to history lessons, right?

And ever since I had to get some watercolors to make our Save the Dates, I’ve been trying out this new medium, and have got to say… I Love It! There’s something ephemeral and beautiful about not exactly knowing what your final piece is going to look like, unlike the thicker acrylic paint I use. I used to also be afraid, with acrylics, you can paint over and cover your mistakes. With watercolors, you can’t, which used to terrify me. Not too much anymore. Especially since my first piece (which I thought before it dried was meh) turned out to darn good. 🙂