Back home again


We’re back home from a very laid back vacation and decided to get back into our goals of a healthy routine to run around the reservoir. I have to say, Boston and New York have been so beautiful to us, both running along the Charles River near our old place and now living so close to Central Park. If I had the foresight, I would have taken ya’ll on a journey of the landscape. Unfortunately, I don’t, so you can just have a small taste. A slightly skewed taste, as I now realized this is why some people buy expensive phones (for the colors, and iPhone ads), and that, my phone is not. (It was purple streaked with pink and laced with gold on an overlay of some type of beautiful blue.) I also really enjoy seeing young and old, couples, families, tourists, colors, puppies all along the run. Because as cliche as it sounds, I really will miss the diversity even in my little UES enclave.

dinner salmon

This was also the delicious dinner Clam made us (I’ve given up on using his nickname given by his old hospital patient, but still laugh about it — Cornbread). Please pardon the lighting, it was a bit too dim, so to make it slightly more spectacular, I asked him to shine our trusty headlamp on it. Now it looks slightly eerie. It was still good, I promise. And also thanks to Mom and Dad for the ice wine! We are onto our second bottle!