A little bit of Houston in the air

Our two family Thanksgiving feasts were too delicious. Food was quickly inhaled that I forgot to take pictures of the full display. 

We have one of Clam stirring his delicious stuffing for all to savor later.

Close-up of stuffing

My only contribution – ratatouille

Given our gluttony, we went to several parks.

Memorial Park

Bayou Bend Park

Cloudy city sunset

Love from Texas, 


2 More Days in Houston

So after years of Linda telling me all about crab fishing, she finally gets the chance to provide for me the same adventure.

Seeing the crabs scurrying after the turkey necks was truly entertaining, though they were all under our 5 inch limit. Unfortunately, no pictures of the crabs, but it was a beautiful day.

Crab fishing off of Galveston

Crab fishing off of Galveston

The next day, we toured venues and tried on dresses. I read a book for some of the early work, but I definitely didn’t miss the main event. And as you can see, it was a family affair.

Adjusting to the dress

Adjusting to the dress

And the final glamour shot…

Perhaps not what she wants, but pretty nonetheless

Perhaps not what she wants, but pretty nonetheless