New York, NY

There is a richness and intensity (and amazing fashionista skills) about the people in New York that I’ve oft mused to myself how much I would miss. …and more visible crazies. But (yes, I am generalizing), it feels that everyone here is hustlin’ in life in a crazy good way. Yesterday, on the 6 train, there was this kid who was just drawing people with highlighters and markers. Mainly because he was good at it, mostly for tips, sometimes just a gift for the stranger on the train. I commissioned him for one of these portraits and learned that he’s the quintessential New Yorker, born and bred in Queens, did some art school, worked in some galleries, now likes to ride the trains and do what he loves for tips. I would’ve loved to have the Nelson Mandela one for Clam but didn’t have enough cash on me.

Kahiem ArcherName: Kahiem Archer
Instagram: thasobrekid

Crazy. 🙂
Clam and I went to watch Allegiance with Lea Salonga and George Takei! I really liked the story, and ended up bawling during most of it (and internally adding onto my list of how to raise my kid differently than my childhood — because WWII was all about the Holocaust when I grew up). And for next week, Hamilton!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

While perusing at Michael’s, Katie and I divulged our similar secrets. We both absolutely love Christmas Music. I love it in harshly lit and linoelum floored shopping malls, in shabby dark restaurants, and just about anywhere. And I’ll just about start humming them with no shame (or less than usual). Luckily no one’s given me a weird stare or stopped me yet.

Without further ado, some pictures from our Touristy Rockefeller Christmas tour.

The guy guarding the Rockefeller Tree said it came from Norway this year … which upon googling he was well meaning but lied. It is a Norway Spruce from Gardiner, NY. Clam and I weren’t sure if this was a real tree initially, as it sounds really sad to cut down a tree every year that took a couple hundred years to grow just to bring it to NYC.


Another view of our reservoir. Winter sky is so beautiful. Really glad we live close to the park and can take photos like this instead of downtown grime all the time.


Also with all the leaves gone, it’s been fascinating to see how unorganized the branches grow.


This is Clam in his early Christmas present. It wasn’t a surprise because I forced him into REI to find his size, so this is why he can have it early. I am totally spoiled now with live Douglas firs for Christmas. You can oft finding me just standing next to the tree to smell it.


One day, I got a hankering to make salmon head soup… so totally did! Photo-wise it appeared like a success 🙂 Not that it wasn’t, but I was too lazy or didn’t follow the entire recipe to take the bones out because I have some genetically endowed mad ninja skills to do it while I’m eating (or I’m Asian) so didn’t think it was going to be too horrible. Clam said he liked the taste, but stopped after a couple of bites because he felt everything was a bone. He asked about the dill, the onion… everything. Anyways, I also made chicken and rice for a backup dinner… luckily for him.

Weekends off

Abstracts are sent in, resumes sent and awaiting responses, and inpatient work not for another two weeks, which leads to this amazing lull of a pretty laid back weekend.

This fall in NYC was so mild compared to the last winter (although we missed the Great Boston Blizzard of 2015!). It’s December and there’s still some golden leaves abounding.

Unfiltered views of trees in Central Park on Thanksgiving Day and yesterday during my run. The air is crisp, chilled but not bitter. And each time I turn into Central Park, I know going back to Houston, I will dearly miss fall in the Northeast.

I’m also super giddy that I hosted Fellows Orphan Thanksgiving this year. And I really like this photo that I took, blurry, without anyone looking in the camera, but we had too much good times to remember to actually pose.


And bountiful amounts of food… with good friends, which really is what Thanksgiving Day is about, according to history lessons, right?

And ever since I had to get some watercolors to make our Save the Dates, I’ve been trying out this new medium, and have got to say… I Love It! There’s something ephemeral and beautiful about not exactly knowing what your final piece is going to look like, unlike the thicker acrylic paint I use. I used to also be afraid, with acrylics, you can paint over and cover your mistakes. With watercolors, you can’t, which used to terrify me. Not too much anymore. Especially since my first piece (which I thought before it dried was meh) turned out to darn good. 🙂




World Trade Center Observatory

Bro P is in town so we’re doing some NYC touristy sight-seeing. Brother duo doing much more than me, but I tagged along for the WTC observatory. Clam was keen enough in his reading to get us up there at sunset, which is ridiculously beautiful. We did it once in Dublin and Chicago, but I think our temporary hometown has been the best, of course.

Here’s a taste.


Sunset over Statue of Liberty


World Trade Center Observatory



World Trade Center Memorial from high above

I didn’t expect to be this awed, but I’m glad we did this.

When to go: 30 minutes before sunset.
What you’ll expect: You line up 15 minutes before your allotted time. Lines are pretty fast. There is a metal detector. There is also a bit of a “journey through the times” as you meander in the bedrock below ground. The elevator ride is super smooth, and as you go up, it shows NYC growing through the times, which is also really cool. Then at the top you get to see a very cool movie collage of NYC life and then a surprise! You’ll have o And then you get ushered into the other area to see a 360 view of even more amazing-ness.

Good times.

September in New York

September bleeds into October as autumn breezes finally blow away the city heat. Without giving the leaves a chance to accommodate the new season, the temperature dropped 30 degrees in one day. More and more our eyes gaze towards the future: musicals, nuptials, travel, employment. And of course, our current jobs.

Scallop, as anxious as ever, continues her presentations and research, steadily buffing her academic credentials. I continue my clinical duties, with a plan for being an EPIC superuser during Weiler’s transition.

Though the stillness of winter approaches, the thrill of discovery courses through our veins. This week was no exception.

On Wednesday, we took in the sights of a Yankees Red Sox game. Though Citi Field has a more picturesque interior, the exterior of Yankee stadium is certainly imposing.

A plane flies over the Mets

A plane flies over the Mets

Outside Yankee Stadium

At the Lion King

At the Lion King

Of course, I can’t forget to mention the Lion King, which we saw earlier this month. I rather enjoyed the spectacle, but other shows we’ve seen have better songs. The costumes, however, were some of the best I’ve ever seen. I especially enjoyed the elephant and her baby, though the cheetah, too, seemed very limber.

Later on this week, we had a lovely brunch with a rather spicy bloody Mary. While waiting for a table at this trendy East Village establishment, we sauntered over to Washington Square for some beautiful pictures, followed by traipsing through the Green Hill Cemetery and a stop at the Brooklyn Museum.Washington Square ArchIMG_3341

To close the week, we enjoyed a taste of the fare at Katz’s Delicatessen while admiring the street artwork.

Katz's Sandwich

Hmmmm, warm and tender pastrami on rye.


Back home again


We’re back home from a very laid back vacation and decided to get back into our goals of a healthy routine to run around the reservoir. I have to say, Boston and New York have been so beautiful to us, both running along the Charles River near our old place and now living so close to Central Park. If I had the foresight, I would have taken ya’ll on a journey of the landscape. Unfortunately, I don’t, so you can just have a small taste. A slightly skewed taste, as I now realized this is why some people buy expensive phones (for the colors, and iPhone ads), and that, my phone is not. (It was purple streaked with pink and laced with gold on an overlay of some type of beautiful blue.) I also really enjoy seeing young and old, couples, families, tourists, colors, puppies all along the run. Because as cliche as it sounds, I really will miss the diversity even in my little UES enclave.

dinner salmon

This was also the delicious dinner Clam made us (I’ve given up on using his nickname given by his old hospital patient, but still laugh about it — Cornbread). Please pardon the lighting, it was a bit too dim, so to make it slightly more spectacular, I asked him to shine our trusty headlamp on it. Now it looks slightly eerie. It was still good, I promise. And also thanks to Mom and Dad for the ice wine! We are onto our second bottle!