World Trade Center Observatory

Bro P is in town so we’re doing some NYC touristy sight-seeing. Brother duo doing much more than me, but I tagged along for the WTC observatory. Clam was keen enough in his reading to get us up there at sunset, which is ridiculously beautiful. We did it once in Dublin and Chicago, but I think our temporary hometown has been the best, of course.

Here’s a taste.


Sunset over Statue of Liberty


World Trade Center Observatory



World Trade Center Memorial from high above

I didn’t expect to be this awed, but I’m glad we did this.

When to go: 30 minutes before sunset.
What you’ll expect: You line up 15 minutes before your allotted time. Lines are pretty fast. There is a metal detector. There is also a bit of a “journey through the times” as you meander in the bedrock below ground. The elevator ride is super smooth, and as you go up, it shows NYC growing through the times, which is also really cool. Then at the top you get to see a very cool movie collage of NYC life and then a surprise! You’ll have o And then you get ushered into the other area to see a 360 view of even more amazing-ness.

Good times.